List of the Best Deals Management Tools in the Market 2022

Deals management software simplifies the sales process; nowadays, without these tools, it’s like having no hands. If today’s businesses aren’t using advanced technology in some way or another, they are lagging behind their competitors. Deal management programs offer key advantages that could make your sales more profitable, faster, and successful. The offerings market is crowded, and in this article, we’ll highlight the best deal management programs for 2022. Review

The services of best disclosed to small and large businesses. It offers four pricing plans, starting at $39 monthly and a free trial. The provider’s main functionality includes sales management tools, such as sales CRM, which helps close deals more efficiently. The program also has extensive functionality for managing customers, customer relationships, and sales channels. Key features include:

  • Secure security features -Double authentication, Google authentication, and advanced user permissions
  • More effective training – with, you’ll have an easier time creating an onboarding plan for new employees, and training time will be significantly reduced
  • Providing basic features – kanban calendar, map, and action log view, and advanced search
  • Improved visualization -you will begin to understand the sales process better and about the sales rep, and you will be able to manage and close deals yourself
  • Divide the meeting into different topics

Pipeline Review

The provider is best suited for medium and small businesses and provides two payment methods: monthly and annual. Four payment plans, with prices starting at $12.50. A feature of the pipeline is the provision of sales pipelines, that is, chatbots and web forms, to manage potential customers. In addition, the Sales Assistant feature is an AI-powered sales assistant that will share a few professional tips and help you boost deal efficiency.

The main features are:

  • Communication tracking features -calls, emails, attachments, contact katas, etc.
  • Simplified meeting organization – with the scheduler, easy access, and meeting time suggestion feature, it becomes times easier to make an appointment
  • Activity calendar – allows you to optimize your time by managing your activities
  • Automatic reminders for high-priority activities
  • Secure responses and your ideas

Act! CRM Overview

Act! CRM offers a cloud-based and on-premises solution with different rates depending on your choice. On-premises solutions come out an order of magnitude more expensive. However, the provider can provide a full-featured CRM system with the ability to automate marketing. The system does an excellent job of managing transactions and allows you to customize milestones. The program is also integrated with Outlook and Jimail and synchronizes communication and calendar.

The main features are:

  • Sales funnel management – you can add products and services
  • Functions to manage customers, tasks, and activities, as well as managing leads and so on
  • Assists with website event marketing and generally optimize marketing processes

Active Campaign Overview

ActiveCampaign offers flexible rates, charges annually, and offers customization of a customized corporate plan. In addition, the provider automates many of the transaction processes, making this operation couldn’t be easier. You can use it to streamline contact management, simplify lead scoring, track pipelines and simplify task tracking.

Active Campaign also automates sales routing and offers a centralized space for multiple sales teams to work in one place. Tracking features will allow you to monitor the interaction between salespeople and customers at every transaction stage. In addition, the ActiveCampaign CRM feature provides employees with up-to-date data to help them focus only on quality leads that can benefit your company.

Main features:

  • Automatic contact list management
  • Integration with Gmail and other email services to improve interconnectivity
  • Pipeline management
  • Easy management and task assignment
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